FAQ | 800callforward

How do I get an 800 Number for my business?

It's really simple to get an 800 number forwarding calls to your business line or cell phone. With the 800callforward phone system, you need to follow a few simple steps and your number will be active and forwarding. You do not need to interact with a sales person or wait, if you follow the directions.

How to add credits

To keep your 800 Number forwarding calls to your cell phone or landline, you must maintain a positive account balance.

To add credits to your account using the https://800callforward.com website:
  • Log In
  • Click open the left sidebar navigation and click "add credit"
You may add a credit card to your account or use paypal to checkout.

To add credits to your account using the 800 Call Forwarding App:
To purchase credits the mobile app. Download the app today from these links:

How to purchase 800 numbers using credits

To purchase 800 numbers using your account balance, you must do so from the mobile app. Download the app today from these links:
Download for Iphone
Download for Android

Once you have downloaded the app and logged into your user account, you can add numbers to your account by opening the left sidebar navigation and selecting:
  • Numbers > Buy DID
  • Select the 800 or 888 number you wish to buy.
  • Press "Continue" to add the number to your cart.

Are 800 Numbers activated instantly?

Our 800 Numbers are activated instantly once you pay in your account. Call forwarding can be set up in minutes, if not seconds. To activate call forwarding for your 800 number you need a positive account balance.

Setting up toll free call forwarding

Setting up toll free number call forwarding with 800 Call Forward is very easy and fast. All you need to do is create an account, purchase a number and set the forwarding number. With each new account we'll add $1 of free calling credit so you can get started.