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800 Tip: How to keep your number active

To keep your numbers active you have two options

1) Monthly Number Renewal from Credit Card

2) Monthly Number Renewal from Account Balance

To set your number to renew by Credit Card each month when you purchase a number visit

and choose a number, then click "continue".

Next choose "credit card" as the payment method and check the box that says "check if you want to save card for auto renewal" and complete checkout.

Turn Clicks into Callers: Track Marketing with 800 Numbers

Once way to track the effective of your marketing channels or landing pages is to use unique 800 Numbers for each individual marketing / media channel. By using unique numbers, you can see which ads are prompting clickers to turn into callers. In the quest for engagement, we hope that people will make a choice and take action when they see our advertising. When it's offline, its probably easier to place a call then type in a web address. While driving or on the go it's much easier to click a number and make a call then to search around on a website to get the information we want.


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